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Payment methods Faucet hub wallet, Bitcoin address and more There are certain platforms which definitely offer the lead among the many variants for earning cryptocurrencies without investments. What may be easier than earning Bitcoins for completing elementary tasks? Today we will consider the AdBTC platform, one of the trending portals for free earnings in the form of cryptocurrencies.

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But what is it like? In this article, we will check out at the end of our analysis the answers to this issue and look at its overall aspects. You just need to click on the sponsored links and then your balance is replenished.

AdBTC website supports 2 languages: Russian and English, It also allows users not only to earn money by viewing ads, but also to advertise their projects on the site. The platform was established in the year and is based out of Russia.

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AdBTC is a legal project that allows you to gain cryptocurrency at low rates without investments by performing simple steps or advertising your asset.

The service since its launch has managed to attract more than 63, users from all over the world.

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It is also worth noting that this is one of the few cryptocurrency earning platforms, which during its activities does not raise doubt of bitcoin overwatch legality How to register on AdBTC? Step 5: Now enter the code in the next window. An ad will display in a new window However, the timer will be displayed in the source window and the reward will be added to your account after the timer ends.

The AdBTC service provides users with three ways to earn money: Surfing sites: The average time spent on viewing one site in this block is 15 seconds, the payment is small —approximately satoshi.

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Surfing in the Active Window: The average time spent on viewing one site bitcoin overwatch this block ranges from 45 to 60 seconds, but at the same time the payment for clicking on the link corresponds — here you can earn from 20 to satoshi. No action other than keeping the tab open is required. The viewing time is seconds.

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This option is the simplest, but also the least profitable. AdBTC Ads AdBTC ads service gives you the opportunity to advertise your own projects on the site or even your referral link to bitcoin overwatch passive income.

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The prices for advertising are quite affordable. There are 3 ways of advertising on the service in the case of viewing ads: Surfing sites: The price starts at 10 Satoshi per click with minimum visiting hours of 15 seconds.

Surfing in the active window: The price starts at 14 Satoshi per click with a minimum visiting hours bitcoin overwatch 10 seconds. Autosurfing: The price starts at 6 Satoshi per click with minimum visiting hours of 15 seconds. On Bitcoin addresses- The minimum withdrawal amount is 35, Satoshi.

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Transfer to advertising balance- Without restrictions. The site indicates that the withdrawal may take up to 3 business days, but usually it takes no more than 24 hours.

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