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Opshen rally kereskedési platform


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    We propose in a simple way to offer the Forex trader a tool for market access in unusually favourable conditions while automatically generating solidarity and without penalizing customers for it. We have always wondered why traditional brokers reserve their best spread and favourable commissions for the people who have large accounts.

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    This is due to the fact that the small operator, the so-called mini or micro account holder is literally condemned to work in a second-class position with high spreads and limitations of all kinds.

    Or why the user of large accounts has limits on his leverage or minimum position size if he has market knowledge and applies adequate risk control.

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    We did not really know how to answer this, so we decided to change it by ourselves. Solidary Markets Opshen rally kereskedési platform promotes that ALL account sizes should receive as far as possible the same treatment and conditions that are given to a professional.

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    We know that the small trader is still working with a fundamental good: his private capital. Solidary Markets FX has successfully achieved this by technology agreements and favourable liquidity agreements and after testing the project over many months.

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    Basically this commitment can be summarized in one sentence: what's good for the trader will be good for the broker and will be good for the world. Something will change.

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    We hope to see you in this new team.